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August 30, 2014

Good evening Toronto Humane society.

I would just like to say thank you so much. We adopted a cat on July 30 2014 and she has brought so much joy to our lives. Her name is Kalifa we also call her ( Bella ) because she is beautiful.

My children love her very much we all do. Thank you! smile



August 22, 2014

I was first fostering Niko, (name changed from ‘Kid’) and then recently have adopted him when he was ready for adoption. I was advised his owner passed away so I knew he may take a while to warm up to me.

When I was looking up cats online he was the only one that really stood out to me and was the only one I looked at when I went to the THS.

When I brought him home he started out hiding under the bed for the first few days only coming out at night, then slowly started coming out to say hello once I was ready for bed, now three and a half weeks later he is the sweetest lil guy. He always is sure to greet me with a Meowwww once I arrive home.

Belly rubs are his favourite and he loves snuggling up during a movie too.

I am sure happy to have him=)

Diana Lasota



August 22, 2014

We adopted Sophie Grace (formerly named Eowyn) April 6, 2014. A week prior we lost our other black beauty, Emma to oral cancer at 13 years old. We were greeted by helpful staff at the THS. We walked around and saw many beautiful cats. I had it in my mind that I wasn’t going to fall in love with another black cat, as my heart was still reeling over the loss of Emma; until my husband knelt down and looked inside a cage and saw Sophie peeking out from behind a brown box. He called me over as I was looking at another cat.

I knelt down, Sophie wouldn’t come out from behind the box. We were told by THS staff that Sophie was a black polydactyl cat who had come from another shelter. Before that, she had been surrendered because she had anti-social and behavioural issues. My heart broke hearing that and it was at this time that my husband and I both looked at each other and knew that we should adopt her. The first 4 days we had Sophie Grace, she was very shy, hiding everywhere she could, coming out only to eat and use the litter box. She wasn’t purring or making any noises. On day five, she became more relaxed and receptive. Since then, she hasn’t left my side. She is vocal and likes to talk and tell stories.

She has become the princess of our home and we couldn’t be happier. She has made our lives complete. Sophie loves playing with all of her toys, and loves sleeping in her cat tower.

Her daily brushing makes her purr and happy. Thank you THS staff for your love and dedication to animals who otherwise may not have had a chance. We’re hoping to return to THS within a couple months, to adopt a sister for Sophie.




August 21, 2014


I was in the THS, early May of this year. I went to look for a specific cat who was already adopted & settled on a 4 month old kitten.

While the paperwork for that kitty was being done I looked through the other felines awaiting forever homes. That’s when I reminded myself of the pretty boy ‘Old Blue’ who was on your site for adoption that I had many a time looked at.

I spoke with the woman & asked if I could change my kitty to Blue. She mentioned how long he had been there & what a great cat he was.

My mind made up, I adopted Blue!

I’ve not had a cat since my daughter was a young girl & was allergic. For more than 30 years I did without.

Now with Blue in my life, everything is absoutely perfect!

He is a great brother to my dog Skylar, a dalmatian.

THE Perfect addition to our small family.

Thank you so very much for taking Blue in & allowing this beautiful boy to be a part of our lives.


Susan Harrison



August 20, 2014

To the wonderful people at the Toronto Humane Society who love, work, volunteer and dedicate their time to our animal friends:

We adopted Harley (formerly known as Aesop) from your shelter on Sunday. It didn’t take long for him to warm up to us! What a sweet little kitten he is. He is already loved so dearly.

After the passing of my cat Maxx after 20 years, Harley now holds such a special place in our hearts and has brought us incredible joy and peace.

Just wanted to send a quick email to acknowledge you for all you do. The staff was so friendly and very helpful. The starter kit was also much appreciated!

We are grateful to have had such an amazing experience in adopting Harley and welcoming him into our family.

Thank you always.

Michael, Daniella and Harley



August 19, 2014

Dear THS team,

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since we adopted 13 year old Molly from THS. We knew she was having a hard time after living there for nearly 8 months, and we were moved by the emotional farewell that staff had given Molly as we were leaving. In the little time we have had Molly at our home, she has certainly made an impression on us as well!

Molly is at ease in her new home, quite polite and she is not afraid to vocalize what she wants, whether it be some energetic play time, some rest or some cuddles on our shoulders. She will roll over for a gentle brushing on her side and belly, and likes to sleep on the windowsill overlooking the cityscape.

Thank you for introducing us to Molly and bringing this cute and quirky little spirit in to our lives.

Your biggest fans,

Jeff and Gary



August 19, 2014

About a year ago, we adopted Roger (at the time named Franky), he was 9 months, had 1 eye and extra toes! And we totally melted, ready to give him the best life ever.

As soon as we brought him home he felt at ease, not even scared of our bigger girl hissing at him!

Pretty soon we will discover his true personality: Rog was a pirate!

Bugs? fearless!

Jumping off the bed? I slide!

Where to sit? Your shoulder!

Endless energy, sit-on-someone addict, night vocaliser, amazing soccer/string/ball player, and dungeons and dragons role player.



August 17, 2014

I adopted the black and white cat “Keyboard” (who I renamed Ralph) close to two weeks ago now. He was the last cat I noticed before I left, and after I witnessed him steal treats from the other cats in the Kitty Condo, I knew we would get along. I was warned about him being really under social due to coming from a hoarded household. When I got him home, I honestly didn’t expect to see him out of hiding for at least a week. However, it was only a couple hours before he emerged from under a chair and began to explore my apartment. He was climbing on things, running back and forth, taking it all in. In the midst of my mind being completely blown by how quickly he came out, Ralph decided to try and climb up some picture frames on my wall. Needless to say, they fell, and he scared the snot out of himself, and he went back to hiding guiltily under my bed for several more hours.

I’ve been working with Ralph every day and his progress is amazing. A week ago, just the slightest movement from me would scare him away. He wouldn’t come near me. Now, he comes out when I wake up in the morning, and when I come home from work. He can play without any hesitation. He goes ballistic when he hears the treat bag ruffling. The first time he let me pet him, he literally collapsed when I scratched behind his ears. I actually thought he fainted, but he was just soooo into it! Now he walks around the house talking, pushes his head into my hands for pets, curls up next to me, and is now even comfortable enough to come out for company! Just last week, he met my mom and sister for the first time when they came up to visit. I wasn’t expecting any sort of appearance from Ralph, but within a few minutes he came out to play and let them both into full contact with him. I’m so happy with this little guy, and it makes me feel good that I can give him a proper home with lots of love and attention. I hope that by continuing to work with Ralph daily, that I can help give him back all the time that he’s lost.

Thanks again!

-Erin McConnell and Ralph (Look, he’s waving hi!)



August 16, 2014

Gladys now known as Peaches is an amazing new addition to our family. She interacts so well with my 2 year old. Its only been a few days but Peach has adjusted well to her new home. We got her a kitty bed but she much prefers to sleep on my bed above my head.

She brings such joy to our household and is the friendliest kitten I’ve ever met. We love her so.

Thank you so much.



August 14, 2014

This is my baby, Parker. She was adopted when she was seven months old and turned four this past weekend. (I changed her name from Bobo and her date of birth to match my own.

The first few months were a challenge. Every day for a month Parker bit me on the arm, and ran away. I think it is a game her previous owners may have taught her this as a game. I was black and blue but only on one arm!

At Christmas, I return to my family but am not able to take Parker. She has spent ever Christmas with my friend, who has a fenced back yard, four adults to take her on walks, another pug to play with and her choice of three beds to sleep in. I think she is in dog heaven. If you could see how “I love you - crazy” she gets when she sees my friend you would agree. I get sent pictures every day while we are separated.

Over the last few months, I have been working from home, we are very happy together and have a regular routine. She has learned not to bark when I am on the phone, she is perfect. She loves having me home, she has a routine of where she lays down to watches me or she will sleep in the bedroom when I am on the phone and too loud. Later in the day she will be on the Off to bed to sleep in in the morning, couch or under my desk.

I do some volunteer work and always recommend getting a dog (or cat) for those who are interested in making the commitment: I enjoy my morning walk, I am up early, I exercise more, my weight has stabilized and I have loving company. She gives a lot and after 3+ years together I find her very little work or we are just a team it is hard to tell!

Thank you for all the hard work you do with the animals. I can’t imagine my life before having “baby” living with me.

Lynn Wolverton & Parker Wolverton