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June 23, 2014

Dear THS,

My new husband and I met Loki (formerly Brooks) on June 6th, adopted him on the 7th and was able to take him home on June 8th. He was originally on hold by someone else who had later changed their minds and we were lucky enough to be there as he was released from surgery. We were told he was undersocial and that he was really shy but we wanted him nonetheless.

The first couple of days, Loki kept to himself and was hiding in his safe places but his curiousity and playfulness came out as he got more comfortable in our home.

It’s been two weeks and Loki is now an extremely curious and energetic little kitten who also loves to cuddle. He loves attention and will sit there watching TV with us when he is too tired to play. He’s also grown up quite a bit which is bittersweet for me as I feel he’s growing up too fast but am very excited to see him jump up and explore new vertical heights.

We are so happy to have Loki in our lives. He’s absolutely just the silliest kitten one could hope for.

Much love,


Pete and Pan

Pete and Pan

June 18, 2014

My room mate Carla adopted Pan (formerly known as Hook) in early February of this year. He brought so much love and laughter to our home that we absolutely had to add another cat to our family. In mid May we returned to the Toronto Humane society and adopted Pete (formerly known as Cat Upton). Since bringing Pete home the two of them have become the best of friends, we often call Pete the little shadow because she seldom stops following Pan around. They enrich our lives every day with their ridiculous antics and unending love and we couldn’t be happier, furthermore we think they’re pretty happy too.



June 16, 2014

I adopted Georgie from you a couple of months ago and he is absolutely the love of my life. He loves any and all attention. Eats his food very well! Just the perfect cat.

The fact that he is FIV positive has in no way changed our love for him. In fact, the vet says he is extremely healthy! Georgie has no problem whatsoever being an indoor only cat due to his HIV. He often looks at us from his comfy warm couch (with a smug look on his face) as we open the door to endure rainy days or cold weather.

The only issue we’ve had to overcome with our extremely affectionate cat was a bit of separation anxiety when we would leave the room. But with consistent training we’ve easily overcome that small hurdle.

I’m so grateful you brought Georgie and I together, thank you so much!
The first picture is when Georgie and I first met at the humane society. Love at first sight!



June 14, 2014

We adopted Dopey from THS about a month ago. We are so happy to have found her, she is a very loving and curious little hamster. She won’t hesitate to run up into our laps during play time and she is always trying to find a way to steal our food! When we adopted her we knew we may have to work with her a bit to gain her trust since she had had a rough start in life, but even from the get go she was running up to the side of the cage to see us. Now, we are able to scoop her and pet her (when she stands still which isn’t often, she is very active)! Dopey is our first hamster and we are so glad we made the decision to adopt her, just seeing her when we get home from work can really brighten up a rough day!

Thank you to the staff at THS for introducing us to Dopey, she is a wonderful addition to our family.

-Sarah & Kelly



June 12, 2014

I adopted Sam from your facility last week. He is wonderful!!!!!



June 11, 2014

Growing up I was always in love with animals, especially cats. At social gatherings, I was the one to be found hanging out on the floor with all the pets. Sadly my mom is very allergic and a hamster was the closest I came to having my own pet as a child. After I finished university and moved into my first “grown up apartment”, adopting a cat was at the top of my list. After stopping in to THS more often than I’d care to admit, one special little kitty finally grabbed right at my heart-strings. Nicolas (or Wyle as he was known then) stuck his little paw out the cage and I knew I couldn’t leave without him.

Since then, Nico has taken quite well to being the Prince of the house. He quickly makes friends with anyone who gives him any attention, and rolls over for belly rubs like a purring machine. He’s also a clever little guy who has picked up French quite quickly! He sits with you when you feel like being quiet, and will bounce all over the house when its time to play. I’m so thankful that we found each other, because he truly is the best pet I could ever ask for!




June 07, 2014

I just wanted to say thanks once again to the staff at that THS for recognizing a good fit. Kanook came into our home and lives a little over a week ago and it was like finding a family member we didn’t know we had. He is a beautiful dog both inside and out and just what we needed. Even the cat is softening but three kids are over the moon.