Happy Tails

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May 28, 2014


It has only been a few days but Benito does not appear to have any anxiety issues and has adopted Molasses. No stories other than Molasses pushing all my dishes onto the floor and spilling a full drink on my bed. Pretty sure it was intended just to see what would happen.



May 21, 2014

Hello to Nicole and everyone at THS,

First of all, I just want to send a massive thank you to Nicole - when my mum and I came in two weeks ago, Nicole was so patient and wonderful. She took so much time to answer all of our questions and gave us lots of great information and advice (all of which has come in handy over the past couple of weeks). So thank you, Nicole!

I also just wanted to send a two week update about how Ngaio (formerly Paw-Paw Gabor) is settling in!

Let me just start by saying: it has been an amazing two weeks! I believe we were meant to find Ngaio and she was meant to find us. I am loving every single second of being her new human mum. From the first night she came home with me she’s slept on the pillow next to my face at night and will sleep on my lap in the mornings, purring away, while I have my breakfast and coffee. She follows me everywhere, but also loves spending her days with my mum around the house while I’m at work. My mum was at first reluctant to the idea of a cat- but both she and my dad have fallen in love with this cute little one.

Ngaio’s favorite things to do are to play with her wand toy and cardboard paper rolls, sleep on the back of my grandfather’s old arm chair and gently paw my eyelashes when I’m trying to go to sleep (I’m gently trying to discourage that one….......). She also loves eating (just like her human mum!) I haven’t weighed her yet, but I think she’s grown a bit in two weeks. Ngaio is also happy to let me brush her and clip her nails - I’m always very careful to avoid the “quick”.

Ngaio has her first visit with our vet next Thursday for her second round of shots and a general check so they can get her baseline info.

When we first brought Ngaio home we were interested/nervous to see how she would fit in with our five year old toy poodle, Maggie. The best way I can explain how that is going is by sharing this picture:



May 20, 2014

I’m happy to report that Moma has fit into her new family very well. Her new sister Roxi had a little adjusting to do, but after 2 days they play together like they been together since birth. We thank you so much for bringing Moma into our lives and making our home complete again. We just can’t think of ours lives with out her. Moma is on the left sleeping with her new sister Roxi.



May 18, 2014

Just sending a couple of pictures in regards to my adopting Lily (Whiskers). She is a cuddler and is getting along with her big brother (holding paws). Thanks so much.

Kelly Nelson



May 16, 2014

Dear THS,

We adopted Benoit in December of 2011. He had been in various shelters for most of his 4.5 years of life, apparently had hip dysplasia, and walking him was like being dragged behind a freight train!

Since bringing him home over 2 years ago, Benoit has become a well-behaved, very calm, loving and loved member of our family. He has never shown any symptoms of hip dysplasia and is a healthy boy who loves off-leash parks.

He recently became a big “brother” to our new baby girl and he couldn’t be a more wonderful companion and protector for her. Adopting Benoit was a wonderful decision for us and he adds such joy to our family!

Thank you for taking good care of him until we found him to bring him home!



May 15, 2014

In 2011 my wife and I adopted Chance, a female German Shepard cross from THS. When we got her home we immediately introduced her to our other animals which included a couple of horses and about 200 chickens. I guess you could say it was a bit of a culture shock for her.

As her training progressed I found myself saying “Can you please stop licking my face?” or “Can you please go to sleep?” and over a few days the “Can you” began to sound more and more like Kenya which she started answering to, so I guess you can say she choose her new name. Over the past 3 years Kenya and I have had many adventures from trail rides to canoe trips and everything in between. She is gentle and loving to everyone and she has been known to pick up a kitten or chick around the farm and carry it around in her mouth, unharmed. The favourite part of our day is the nightly snuggle on the couch with Kenya on one side of me and my wife on the other.

Thanks for matching her with us.
Steve Murphy



May 15, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I would like to give an update on Tiger and how well he has adjusted with his new owner. When we took Tiger out of the shelter on Tuesday May 13, 2014. Tiger was still quite shy and nervous. On our ride home, about ten minutes on the road, Tiger looked up at Sherri and leaned in to rest his head on Sherri’s lap. Sherri began to pet Tiger gently. Tiger walked into Sherri’s apartment like it was his home.

Tiger has opened up and is lively, playing with toys, retrieving toys and eating well. Tiger is trained and is loving his new home. Sherri want to give a shout out to Nikki and Jen for all the patience and suggestions that they gave us during the process of the adoption. Sherri also wants to thank Nikki for the information about ignoring the nervous behavior. Sherri said it really works.As I watch them bonding and becoming more and more like a little family… It’s easy to say, “Some things are just meant to be.”

Warmest Regards,

Ms. Rhonda Skene



May 13, 2014

We have a long wonderful relationship with Toronto Humane Society and we wanted to update you on our newest edition and how we came to get her:)

Our beloved Cosmo left us for the big cat tree in the sky December 30th, 2013 just a few months shy of her 17th birthday. I got Cosmo as a companion back in 1997 while in university and she was an amazing character that needed some love. (She is dearly missed every day!)

A few years later in 2001, Cosmo seemed a little lonely as I started my career so along came Thor! A vibrant panther, sleek and sneaky. Cosmo and Thor were fast friends and never left each other’s side:) When Cosmo passed, my husband Mike and I said we would not replace her, how could we?! Well, Thor dictated otherwise…. He was lethargic and seemed lost, he had lost his buddy and he was grieving. Poor guy!

So, one chilly February Sunday afternoon we took the trip to 11 River Street. We had done some research and narrowed it down to a few beautiful cats. The one that stole our hearts was Lani, a bit shy but playful. She needed hernia surgery the following week but was good to come home with us. As soon as Thor smelled her and started rubbing on the box, we knew we had done the right thing. Lani, now Luna for how mysterious she is, and Thor are inseparable! They play together, sleep together and sneak attack together, lol. She is coming along in warming up to us but together, Thor and Luna, and quite the duo and that’s the most important thing:)

Thank You THS for bringing such joy to our lives with all of our fur babies:)!!
Sue and Mike Duncan.



May 12, 2014

April 2014 marked the one year anniversary of our lad Jake joining our family. What a year!! Jake (then Thomas at THS) came home for a day or so, but was having some tummy troubles. The THS took great care of Jake for a few days, and he was sent home, fit and feeling great.

Over the past year, Jake has excelled in his dog training and has become the canine companion our family so dearly needed. He’s brought so much joy and comfort to my teenagers, and had been always at my side. Rescue dog? Who rescued who!!

Thank you THS for introducing us to this great boy who is now a cherished member of our family.

Drew, Ryan & Natalie Homewood



May 08, 2014

On April 5th, my husband and I drove to the THS to ‘look’ at cats. We had just lost our beautiful Emma to oral cancer just one week prior and thought it would help our hearts, if we spent some time with other cats. We had no intention of getting another cat so soon.

We were greeted by Marcela (a great volunteer at THS). She showed us around, showed us some cats we were interested in ‘looking’ at. Having owned a black cat previously (Emma was mostly black with a few white spots). I was shocked to see so many black cats in need of adopting. In fact, there are a lot of cats in general that need adopting. We walked around, had our eyes on a few, had looked at a few, when suddenly my husband says “Look over here, there’s little eyes looking at me” – I knelt down to see what he was talking about, and behind a brown box was the cutest little black cat I’d ever seen. She caught my eyes and melted my heart.

Her name was Eowyn. We were told she was anti-social and showed signs of behavioural issues. She was also Polydactyl (a ‘Hemingway’ cat) My husband told me that meant she was extra special. She didn’t want to come out from behind the box. She even hissed when I put my hand in the cage to pet her. My husband and I looked at each other and agreed that we would give Eowyn a good home, just like we did our Emma. I have to admit, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to love another cat as much as I loved Emma. I mean, it had only been a week since she passed away, our hearts were broken, our lives forever shattered and devastated.

We decided to change our new baby’s name from Eowyn to Sophie Grace. The first day, she was very timid. She wanted nothing to do with me, she would hide anywhere she could. She never said a word, we didn’t hear a peep out of her. In fact, for the first three days we had Sophie, we didn’t hear a sound out of her. I was starting to worry that maybe she had an impairment of some kind and that she couldn’t speak. On the fourth day, she started talking up a storm as she became more comfortable around us.

Sophie has helped our hearts heal after the loss of Emma. I’m happy to say that I love Sophie just as much as I did Emma. She has been a great addition to our family. She loves to talk, loves to fetch her ball and play with all of her toys. She loves to lounge around and she definitely loves to be brushed and given treats.

We look forward to loving and spoiling Sophie for many years to come.

A heartfelt Thank you to Nicole and Marcela and everyone else at THS who dedicate their lives to helping these animals. Without them, there is no hope.

Jodi and Chris