Happy Tails

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February 15, 2014

To my friends at the Toronto Humane Society,

We’ll it’s been a long difficult road, but I am so glad that I finally found my forever family. My Mum and Dad adopted me in November from the Toronto Humane Society. I was born at the shelter and had previously been adopted out, only to return a year later.

My Mum and Dad adopted me in November of 2013. My name used to be “Ficus” but Mum thought that I was so cute, and needed a name that suited my personality. She renamed me Pica, and I love it. I have to admit I was a bit timid at first (after losing my eye to a bout of Melanoma a few years ago and some dental problems in late 2013), but I have since come around. I’ve even gained a few pounds!

I love treats, fluffy toys, and warm blankets. I particularly love my Mum and Dad’s pillow, which I use like a real person when I crawl into bed. I am so thankful for the care and compassion my friends and the volunteers of the THS gave to me during my “vacation.” Without them, I would not be here. I commissioned my Mum to write this letter, but I am sitting by her, reading along (I also love computer keys). I would like to tell all people about the THS, and encourage my human friends to adopt (us cats and dogs have a lot of potential and love if you just give us a chance). I have so many exciting things on the horizon (including my birthday which I will be celebrating this Saturday).

Ta Ta for Now. Pica



February 13, 2014

We adopted Calvin last Friday; and he’s doing very well, thank you very much for the great work that you guys are doing.




February 12, 2014

I was reading the success stories and thought I would be amiss not to write in about our Buddy. In December 2006 my husband and I decided to adopt a companion for our female main coon Pookie, who my husband found as a feral kitten several years prior. With holiday time off work it would give lots of time for us to be home during the adjustment period. So on a Friday evening we went to the Toronto Humane society.

I’d never adopted before and as I walked through the facility I looked for a cat who I had a connection with, looked at me, meowed, something to catch my attention. I was appalled that a lot of the cats choose to lay on their litter, but relieved that they all seemed so well taken care of as a volunteer went cage to cage making sure each had the comforts needed. My husband was standing at ‘Irwin’s’ cage. I read his stats and then try to gain his attention. ”’ Heh, Buddy, c’mere Buddy..” Nothing. “Come here sweetie”, nothing. I turned to my husband and said I wasn’t sure, I wanted some sort of connection with the cat I took home. It was going to be family after all. Feeling bad to give hope and retrieve it, I tried one last time. ’ C’mere Buddy, come see me, c’mon’. Very slowly, lethargically, with great effort he rose and came over and swiped his whiskers across my hand. Buddy was coming home.

Early the next week Buddy had labored breathing, very crackly sounding. We took him to a vet and were told he had an airborne respiratory infection. Great thing that the pet insurance is provided for 6 weeks! We took Buddy home and kept him in a separate bedroom with all comforts. We had to keep him from Pookie so she wouldn’t get infected. It worked two fold as it enabled them to get familiar and comfortable with each other’s presence in an easy pace. I’m not going to lie, later she did swat the heck out of him and at one point put a good bite to the back of his neck. I’d jump up to intervene whenever I heard a scuffle. My husband told me relax, unless they’re killing each other to leave it alone. They were working out the hierarchy. 7 years later they are each other’s soul mates. Napping together, cleaning each other’s fur, eating together.

Buddy is a sweet, talkative, stoic little man. I’m one of those crazy pet owners who is always trying to teach them to talk. Buddy loves to make various vocal sounds and one day I swore I hear him bellow ‘HellOoo Mama’. So much so I quickly turned and replied ‘Hello Buddy!’



February 07, 2014

Hello THS

Its been about a year since Kita left the THS, and every second since that day has been an absolute blessing. Over the past year, Kita has brought me so much joy into my life that I can’t even describe, she cheers me up when I’m down keeps me company when I’m lonely, she’s my best friend and I am so thankful that she’s in my life.

Kita’s sweet and energetic nature makes everyone fall in love with her instantly and she gets along with other dogs exceptionally well. After meeting Kita, I quickly learned that the negative rumours about shelter dogs are complete nonsense, because I have never met another dog as gentle and tame as her.

Kita has become the princess of the house and spends most of her time playing in the backyard with our Labrador and sleeping while snuggled into a pile of pillows and blankets. Some of Kita’s favourite things are: car rides, late-night walks, playing in the snow, napping, costumes, cheeseburger flavoured beggin’ strips, and pears.

I just want to say that Kita is doing great and I can’t thank you guys enough for giving me the opportunity to meet this beautiful little girl, god bless THS!


Lynda Yao