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January 04, 2014

Dear THS,

Just to let you know…Wikki or now know as Rex…is a great joy!

My life after a break up has been difficult but since Rex has come to my life we enjoy time together walking and hanging out! He has been a great dog with babies and young nephews and a nieces. Rex hates his winter coat and booties but I have a photo of him anyways. He is a cute dog but his personality is what wins my heart!

Warmest regards,
Rose and Rex

Sylvester Dolce Vita

Sylvester Dolce Vita

January 03, 2014

I have been very happy with my cat Sylvester Dolce Vita for the past three months. First when my cat was at the animal shelter, his name was Dolce Vita, but I have decided to rename my cat as Sylvester Dolce Vita after he went home with me back in October 2013.

This e-mail, I am letting you know that my cat has been settled at my forever home very well that he has become an affectionate cat with me. My cat likes to be with me most of the times, but when my cat wants his independence; then he will go to stand by my window’s ledge.

Can one of you please share these beautiful photos about my cat and myself either on Facebook and/or your company’s website, so everyone knows how much I do love my cat.

P.S. Happy New Year to all the staff at Toronto Humane Society. May this new year of 2014 continue to have full of success, happiness, and love at the animal shelter.

Sincerely yours,