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Pepper and Milo

Pepper and Milo

December 07, 2013

Here are Pepper and Milo admiring the 6 ft Christmas tree we recently purchased and put up ready for the festive season.

We adopted them valentines day 2012 and they have been two little treasures. Pepper was in a feral colony and was taken to River Street where she had to have both eyes removed. She was cat of the week and having seen her picture on the scratching post, I had to go meet her. I’ve had a blind cat and a one eyed cat previously so Pepper had to come home with me. I asked the team to pick out a suitable companion for her. One who would not jump on her, steal her food and be a bully. Spotty was chosen as he had been observed to groom other cats. He was from a hoarders house and was very timid. At first, he would hiss at us but soon came around and is the perfect gentleman with Pepper.

They are spoiled rotten and sleep on the bed with us at night time. Pepper has mastered climbing on the bed, sofa, table and cat tree in spite of her disability. She has bags of confidence and loves food, enjoying opening the kitchen cupboards and helping herself to the bag of kibble.

Spotty was renamed Milo and he is a very affectionate little boy who loves tummy tickles, cuddles and playing with the laser pointer.

Jenny and Dean Carter



December 07, 2013

Hello Toronto Humane Society Family,

Does anyone remember Tucker? He was brought in as a stray (although no one really thought this to be true at the shelter) in November 2007. I saw him and knew it was meant to be. One week later he was coming home peering out of the back window of the car watching the shelter as we drove away to his new home.

Many believe things happen for a reason and Tucker has proved to me that this is true. There were 14 other people wanting to adopt Tucker the day I walked into the shelter. There was a waiting list as he was a stray and time needed to be given for his owners to claim him. When his waiting time was up I almost lost him to another adoptive parent but because I followed my instinct and took the day off work to be at the shelter before it opened he is mine today for as I was signing his adoption papers another couple stated they were here to see about adopting Tucker.

About 3 years after coming home, Tucker was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. At the time it was detrimental and seemed like our entire world came to an end. However, with me by his side through the entire process, a truly amazing internal medicine doctor at our hospital and Tuckers strong will, now 3 years later, he is now doing better than he did before his diagnosis.

When Tucker was sick I did not give up on him no matter the cost (financially or emotionally). Throughout this experience we have learned so much and grown tremendously. When he got sick everything changed. Although he ate a good high quality kibble I now (after proper doctor consults and research) happily cook 3 meals a day for Tucker and his 11 month old (cocker spaniel) brother and supplement according to their needs under guidance of a canine nutritionist. This is just one change of many. He and this experience has changed my life and in turn his, entirely for the better in too many ways to list here. His experience will not only prolong his life but continue to change the lives of many dogs to come.

More than anything I want to thank the Toronto Humane Society for giving me the gift of being Tucker’s mom. He lights up my life every single day.
We at times stop in to the shelter with donations so keep an eye out for us J

Much love,

Adrianna and Tucker



December 04, 2013

A little over a month ago my boyfriend and I adopted Coda (previously named Arizona).

She’s settled in wonderfully and is the best kitten we could have asked for. She is always purring, cuddling, and loves to play fetch! Better than some of my friends dogs admittedly…

We couldn’t be happier with this little girl and can’t wait to share the future years with her.

Thanks, THS!




December 02, 2013

I adopted Poppy(seed) from THS in late January 2012. My first update is posted on your site. This is a second update almost a year later: Poppy (a.k.a. Princess) has been with me since January 2012. Labelled “special needs” at THS due to her age (5 years), litterbox challenges (resolved now), and “petting aggression” (read on), Poppy has blossomed into a gentle, loving and playful girl.

Fearful at first, separated from the home she knew, lodging at THS, a brief trial adoption that didn’t work out, returned to THS = too many changes in a cat’s life. Poppy spent her first few days here (on a foster to adopt trial) in January 2012 hiding behind the sofa. THS cautioned me that Poppy didn’t like to be touched, was said to bite when petted, wasn’t a “cuddly” cat at all. She was reported to become upset when left alone. Poppy was initially a very timid and silent kitty: it was weeks before she ventured her first “mew” and she still doesn’t purr much at all. She didn’t seem to know how to play.

That was then. This is now: Poppy initiates play sessions by batting one of her toys (ball, catnip mouse, small stuffed animal) at me, or dropping the mouse at my feet. She jumps on the bed in the morning to ask for breakfast and announces with a dainty “mew” that it’s dinner time. She has discovered that a ball of yarn makes a wonderful plaything to be wound around chair legs, dragged down the hall, and batted into the room when I’ve been at the computer and ignoring Poppy for far too long. Long since out from hiding behind the sofa, the Princess now enjoys several nap locations including her throne in the computer room and her hooded cat bed when the weather turns chilly. She also loves to snooze on “her” chair on the (enclosed) balcony in the summer sun. The Princess is more relaxed if she knows there is someone home, but she does fine if left alone for a short while, too. She often greets me at the door when I come in from shopping. (“Did you remember to buy treats?”)

Princess Poppy still doesn’t like to be picked up, but she comes looking for, and never says no to, slow stroking under the chin or a scratch behind the ears. (She flops on the floor for this.) In recent weeks she has taken to settling onto the arm of the sofa for a minute of gentle petting during my night-time TV watching. In her own time, in her own way, and if / when it’s her idea, Poppy does enjoy a cuddle! My thanks to THS for looking after Poppy until her forever home was ready. It’s taken many months, but the Princess has progressed from “special needs” to “special”.

She didn’t come gift-wrapped, but she is a lovely gift!

Christine Jarvis



November 30, 2013

A few months ago my husband and I adopted a beautiful cat named Pearl from the Humane Society.

Pearl is an older cat and we thought given that we had an older dog they would be better suited to get along.
Pearl is such a sweet cat. She is very vocal, she always follows me around and loves to be close on the couch.

Pearl has been a great addition to your family.



November 29, 2013

I adopted Jewels from the Toronto Humane Society in July and I just wanted to share his most recent pictures. He is such an adorable dog - I do not know why someone gave him up.

When we first got him, we found out right away that he was a trained dog - he knows all his commands so house training was pretty easy.

We knew from the beginning that this dog was full of energy and he still is! He will shred things that I leave around the house if he can get to it and I know this is a bad behaviour; but it also teaches me not to leave things around. We try to distract him and get him toys, rawhides, bones, and antlers to chew on… he goes through everything we give him very quickly. We’re still trying to find a toy that he cannot destroy.

All in all, he is an adorable dog, and I love him. He behaves well with other dogs - as you can see in one of the pictures. He’s walking a 12 year old Shih Tzu!

We used to be in a small condo, but now we moved to a 25 acre property for him to run around in up north and he loves it because it gets his energy out.

Hope you enjoyed the successful story and happy holidays!




November 25, 2013

Hello, we adopted Zoe last Thursday. My 5 year old daughter renamed her Rosie (which is pretty close to Zoe).

So far she is making herself at home with us. Her favorite spot is on the bed that we share, she likes to sleep on the pillows. She was a bit afraid at first but the bed is her “safe place”. She lets us both pick her up and cuddle and pet her. We call her “cozy Rosie”. Every night when we’re all in bed she purrs the loudest!

Here are a couple of pictures of Cozy Rosie being cozy!



November 25, 2013

We adopted our kitty cat Beautiful (formally known as Samara) on March 2, 2013.

We just wanted to say that we love our girl so much!

At first we were a little hesitant on adopting an older cat (she’s 17) but we took a chance on her and are just so happy that we did.

Our Beautiful is the perfect addition to our family! We love how sweet, curious and gentle natured she is. We love how she always wants to be close to us - whether it’s sitting on my husband’s lap when he’s on the internet - or whether I’m with the baby in the bedroom and she’s watching me change the baby from the bed. She just loves to be close. Funny thing is, she will even say hello and come into the bathroom each morning for a stroke. Ahhh, we just love her to pieces… just thought you should know smile

Jenny & Steve