Happy Tails

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December 22, 2013

Charcoal is adjusting amazingly in our home. Already acts like he owns the place. Thanks again, he was exactly what we were looking for. A real sweat heart.

Thanks the Downie Family, the girls deciding on naming him Clarence from It’s a Wonderful Life being so close to Christmas smile Also was my fathers name, and believe it or not, Charcoals d.o.b. is Sept 19th so was my Dad’s.



December 21, 2013

This past August we decided it was time to get a cat so we drove to the THS to look at the cats. We walked through the whole cat section and the last cat we looked at was Rosie. Right away we could tell she was the one. We spent the rest of the day (it was too late to adopt that day) by her cage and the next day we came back to adopt her.

She was nervous at first in our home but was always eager to get pet. In less than 3 days she was running around the house and was so eager to explore everything. She built a relationship with everyone in the house especially my sister who is 4 (and absolutely adores Rosie). As I write this she is lying by my feet sleeping, as she has spent the whole morning running around, which I could say is what she does and enjoys the most.

We would like to thank everyone at the THS for everything they do for all of the animals, and for helping us find Rosie.

Miro and Drago

Miro and Drago

December 19, 2013

We adopted Clayton and Fenton last February. They captured our hearts when we met them and we were so happy to bring them home. They had a name change and are now called Miro and Drago but they didn’t mind even a little bit about this.

At first they were very wary of their new home, hiding under the bed and behind furniture for most of the day but as time went on they have become very affectionate and a real part of our family. They were very tiny when we met them but have grown into real big boys.

They loved being brushed and they love their “bird” toy - a plush toy that they insist on having after after meal. And while they do like running all around the house at night it is fun to hear them playing. Yes, we have to vacuum the couch everyday to remove all the hair but it is a small price to pay to see their beautiful faces everyday.

They really like to ensure we wake up early - they love breakfast at 7 am. These two brothers are very opposite of each other - Drago is a morning kit tie - he loves morning snuggles and always wants to be playful early. Miro is sour night imd boy - he will sit with us for hours and even wants to always sleep in the bed with us.

Miro and Drago are very happy now - and sound most of their day sleeping and playing. We recently got a new home and they are really looking forward to spring so they can play outside on the terrace.

Thank you THS for making them and us happy by bringing us together.

Daniel Thompson and Luben Blagoev



December 19, 2013

Hello THS

It is been exactly 1 year for today since we brought our beloved “Jessie” home from THS. She was 2 months when we brought her home and was called “Yumi” and now she is grown to be a very big girl of 80lbs. She is the most intelligent and lovable dog I have ever seen and she loves me, my husband and my two kids so dearly. She was so easy to train and she instantly knew how to fit into our family and our schedule. As small as she was when she first came home it seemed like in a few weeks she understood every word we said to her. I just want to thank everyone who helped us in the process and I must say that the last year that went by was one of the happiest years for our family and we cannot imagine our life without her around.

Thank you again

Ilanka, Nishan, Melissa and Ryan



December 19, 2013

I would like to reach out to the Toronto Humane Society and say a big thank you! I adopted “Reece” on October 31st 2013 in a random visit to your adoption area and fell in love with him right away.

He has adjusted very well to our household, and by that I mean he has calmed down significantly. He is very obedient and well trained, we absolutely love having him in our home.

Since the adoption we renamed him “Luigi”, after Anne Hathaways cat “Louie” in the movie Princess Diaries.

Luigi is very much a boy! He loves to climb, run, jump and eat! Boy, does he love to eat. He’s not afraid of water either, he loves watching the tap run and sitting in the bath tub after we shower.

We spend as much time playing with him as possible and can tell he enjoys our company too. I am looking forward to many more years with Luigi and the love he had brought into our home.

Thank You Toronto Humane Society!

Roberto Spalierno



December 16, 2013


Every holiday season I look around and count my blessings, and every year I think about that fateful day in 2009 when I came to the River Street THS to fill the void of furriness in my life!|

After being advised against adopting the first 4 cats I liked (dietary issues, anxiety problems) I asked someone to suggest who might fit in well with three young students. Then I met Wendy (now Maeby!) - she was really vocal about wanting to get out of that box! She fit right in at home, and instantly started showing her sweet, friendly, cuddly personality. She just loves her human and cat friends!

When I first met my life partner Ben, the big test was whether or not he’d get along with Maeby. She fell in love with him instantly, and he with her. Since 2009, Ben, Maeby and I have welcomed Abby cat into the family as well. She was part of a litter at our local pet store looking for a good home. Maeby has turned into a great older sister.

Soon we moved from Toronto to Tobermory, Ontario, and then to Vancouver, British Columbia. The cats were well-behaved throughout the 50-hour drive, and we are so glad we brought them with us. They stayed in pet-friendly motels in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Dryden, ON, Regina, SK, and Banff, AB. Every night, we cuddled up and were glad to be together.

Maeby is so happy in her little apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia. She loves belly rubs, meeting new people, and watching birds and squirrels from her many perches. Everyone who meets her considers turning into a cat person smile

Happy Holidays!



December 16, 2013

Hello everyone -

Thought you’d like to hear from Buster (a.k.a. Peppy). He’s been with us for over 4 weeks now and we couldn’t be happier. He’s settled in quite nicely in his new forever home. He’d like to wish you all a very happy holiday season!!! Thanks for all your help.

Michael and John


December 10, 2013

Toronto Humane Society,

We are giving you an update on how our little guy Scarface is doing, we changed his name from Fellow. His first month was a bit hectic being introduced to his older sister. Once my female cat finally realized her new little brother wasn’t going away she had to accept him. He has lots of toys he enjoys playing with, hiding spots he thinks we don’t know about. Scarface and Ounce (his sister) love playing chase tag with each other usually early in the morning sometimes it ends up in a little cat spat that’s when they decide it’s sleep time.

He is used to his routine soft food feeding times which is twice a day, (there is always a full dish of hard food) he lets us know if we happen to be late. He loves his cat treats, if you’ve seen the commercial on TV for Temptations cat treats that’s Scarface’s reaction.

Even though Scarface had various medical problems when he was a kitten to this day he basically only has his eye infection which we give medical treatment for. We know he is partially blind, near sighted but other than that nothing holds him back, he is one active healthy little guy, well not so little anymore.

We thank you for letting us adopt Scarface, he is loved very much, gets lots of attention, he is never alone his sister always near by when we are both out.

We look forward to many, many happy years with Scarface.

Thanks again THS,

Ron, Yvonne and Ounce



December 09, 2013

After we lost our 15 year old Jack Russell, Joan, and mother to Jane (pictured here) we felt Jane needed a companion. We visited the Humane Society in January 2012 and a staff member (I’m sorry I can’t remember her name) helped me find a good match for Jane.

I even brought Jane into the THS to spend time with several dogs we were considering. As you can see the Vizela cross who we named Charley was a perfect match and became firm friends and very tolerant of Jane !

Jane died last summer at 14 years old and now Charley is a solo dog so I suppose at some point we will visit the THS to find a companion for Charley - she is an affectionate, very sweet and energetic dog who we love having in our lives. Jane loved her too.

Thank you!



December 07, 2013

Hello there!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for bringing Nala (formerly known and Sarita) into our lives.

We adopted her in late August and she’s one of the best things that has ever happened to us! She brings us so much joy and each and every day and I honestly have no idea how we ever lived without her.

So thank you thank you and thank you again!


Ruby and Patrick