Don't Kitnap Kittens

Spring is kitten season, across Ontario the intake of newly born kittens into local shelters can more than exceed their capacity and put pressure on important medical/housing resources.

Kittens are one of the most fragile and vulnerable of the animal populations that Toronto Humane Society serve. It takes a village to help support these little lives and ensure proper population control.

A shelter, no matter how well-run, is not the best place for unweaned kittens. They are prone to upset stomachs from kitten formula and are vulnerable to infections. Kittens that are separated from their mother too early, particularly if they are on their own, often develop behaviour problems that become lifelong issues.

The best kitten welfare and care come from a combination of trap-neuter-return (TNR), public education, foster recruitment, and support for pet lovers, like you, in our community.

What you should do when you find a kitten

See below for our breakdown chart on what you can do for these fuzzy feline friends. Download the full PDF version here.

For a more in-depth look view our expanded documents:

Special thanks to the Arizona Humane Society for spearheading the material and for providing information.

To reach out to us for more information about our kitten foster program and support from Toronto Humane Society call us at 416-392-2273 ext 2248 or email us at